Question 1

How do I get started?

Answer 1

You can join our program in 3 ways just contact one of our team so we can advise you on best way for you to start earning with us depending on your circumstances

                   “The 3 ways are”

  1. Join our free store affiliate program
  2. Purchase an item from one of our partner stores
  3. Purchase positions directly

Question 2

Do I have to introduce anyone to earn within your program?

Answer 2


Because if you have made a purchase from one of our partner stores or a position directly then you do not have to do anything else,

You can if you wish invite friends and family to join us to help the system run a little faster and help others earn .

Question 3

How will I know I have a cash reward?

Answer 3

Our System will contact you when this happens so we can send payment to your preferred payment processor

Question 4

Are there any fees to pay?

Answer 4

Purchasing from us

We do not charge our customers any fees, if you are paying by bank transfer, cash app , PayPal friends and family .

Any other payment method might incur a small fee from your payment processor

Pay out

We will send you full cash reward payment to your account please be aware your payment processor may charge you a small fee, if your payment processor charges us a small fee to send you funds this will be deducted from you payment .

Question 5

How do you make any money if you don’t charge customers any fees?

Answer 5

We have our own positions within the program, so we make our money the same way our customers earn we take out the funds we need to keep up the running of our program and use some to do random competitions and free prizes to our customers. We also have our own store accounts where we also earn a little bit of funds but we try and keep our products at a great price and customers can sign up to our affiliate program and get 10% commissions from their own purchases as well as more positions in our program.

Question 6

Can purchase multiple positions?

Answer 6

Yes you can purchase a one time £1 position or multiple positions but to purchase higher positions you must have at least 1 position in the lower board

EG:- to purchase a £10 position you must have a £1/£2/£5 position as well before you can purchase the £10 

it does not matter if you purchased or upgraded from the system re-entries and upgrades 

Question 7

How does it work?

Answer 7

Please watch one of our many videos we have for each step in the process

Question 8

Can I purchase positions every week / month                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Answer 8

Yes you can set up a weekly / monthly standing order if you wish to automate your purchases